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Eastbourne is lucky to have a large selection of excellent restaurants including French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Indian and many more. Ask us about eating places and we will be more than happy to guide you to the best place and even book you a table if you need to.... particularly advisable at weekends and bank holidays!!! We are also happy to help you organise a take away meal which you can eat in the hotel.

Night Life

Eastbourne has a very diverse and large selection of night clubs, wine bars and award winning lounges. The town might have a reputation as 'God's waiting room' but our younger clientele are pleasantly surprised when they see what Eastbourne has to offer. Some of our favourites watering places are The Loft, Hudsons, and The Hart which are all a short walk (stagger) away from the da Vinci.


Eastbourne holds a number of well supported events throughout the year including the International Lawn Tennis Championships which is just around the corner from the da Vinci. Other regular attractions in Eastbourne include the annual Airbourne Airshow, Magnificent Motors, Eastbourne Extreme, the Victorian Festival and the Beachy Head Marathon. Further information about these events can be found on our facebook page